Yo homies. This one peg thing's being a total knob and upon further inspection is basically worn out and cylindrical inside.
It's an edge lo pro in a 92 RG
This is my nicest guitar and I need it for some stuff in the next couple of days. Any idea
1. How to get it off so I can restring
2. What part I'd need (from say, guitarparts.co.nz)
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well first things first you need to get it out(they should just screw right out no ive not worked on a lo pro)
if you can try to remove it with the appropriate allen wrench(you should get the correct size anyway youll strip less of them)
if that fails ive had luck using super glue on the tip of a fitting wrench

then you need a replacement
maybe you can find it at ibanezrules and maybe he can help you out with the removal as well
What I mean is that I've stripped the head, so my Allen wrench will just turn and turn and its too tight for my set of long nose pliers.

Ive contacted a local luthier so I think I should probably just wait for him to get back to me

Thanks a lot for the reply though, superglues really the last option for me.
You can buy a special tool that allows you to remove stripped bolts at most hardware stores. It'll be good enough to remove the bolt, but you'll need to replace the bolt without question.

Measure the bolt after removing it and see if they have any replacements at the hardware store.
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