Poll: is feminism too ingrained into western society?
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yes. i'm not against feminism as a whole but feminist ideals are too ingrained in western women
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no; women are still treated unequally. if anything theres not enough feminists
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feminism used to serve a purpose but now its pretty much unnecessary
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f*ck feminism. bitches can lick my balls and eat dick
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dude I wanna go to asia to find a wife too
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this whole pretense of men and women being the same has just gone too far. a lot of feminist women nowadays have traditionally masculine traits and thats disturbing to me. is it wrong that I like really girly girls and think traditional gender roles are a good thing? even the most hardcore feminist heterosexual women still prefer manly men. as gender roles are being blurred I worry for generations of boys growing up in this feminist gynocentric society. a lot of them are going to be lost and not know what their place is. I mean all you have to do is look at all the bronies and effeminate men nowadays to see how lost the new generation of boys are. as men we suffer often from a lack of direction whereas women are suffering from an abundance of misdirection

this right here is the nightmare of the modern feminist


no wonder my buddy has gone to asia to look for a wife. feminism is too ingrained into western society


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