I'm currently debating on buying an EMG H4/H4A pick-up set to place in my MH-100, but I'm unsure. The main reason is the price (only $70 a pop), but I've read much criticism about them saying they aren't nearly as good as their active 81 counter-parts.

I want active 81/85's, or Blackouts, but there's a lot more labor involved, and I believe you have to change the pots, too, if I'm not mistaken?

I mainly play modern metal/metalcore, and am relatively decent at playing. I've also considered Seymour Duncan SH models, and DiMarzio pickups.
stay away from the passive emg's. they are pathetic.

you don't need to have active pickups to have your ideal tone. there are a ton of passives that i would take over both an active EMG/Blackout. and would sound much better. YMMV
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I've had the H4. They suck.

I've had the H2s. They're nice. But for the price I will always get a DiMarzio instead. Every single time.

Look at the D Activators. If you're in the US, I know Guitar Center sells them as a set for like $125, I'm pretty sure (I have the D Activator set in my Ibanez S420).

I like EMGs and Blackouts as well. They will usually come with the electronics you need. EMGs have a solderless system, it's pretty much just plug and play. I think you have to solder the jack and the switch.
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The only thing with EMG's and Blackouts is that my guitar is passive and I've looked through placing active's into a passive guitar. I mean, if it turns out to be relatively easy, I'll pay the extra money for an active set, otherwise I'll check out those DiMarzio's.
Dont get one. They are not very good and surprisingly low output for something that advertises itself as metal pickup. They do not push the front end of your amp, like, at all. The stock LH150 pickups you have in your LTD are actually noticeably hotter! HZ sounds overall bit better but still is just weak wimpy shit. I would not recommend for anyone to buy one unless they happen to come as stock pickups on new guitar you really like but even then I would swap them out when possible.

Something like Dimarzio X2N and dimarzio pickups in general are only little bit more expensive but are infinitely better than HZ.

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Never really heard a good sounding passive EMG.

If you want passives for that kinda stuff, I'd say duncan distortions, or a couple of GFS professionals if you're on the cheap (plus they have stuff on discount, so maybe you can get them for even cheaper this time :P).
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