I picked up a new 20 watt Peavey micro head from GC last week and here is the skinny on the product. It has two channels a shared eq the eq consist of the standard 3 band and a vari class knob for class a and class ab and it actually sounds a little brighter on the class AB and has more resonance on the class A. It also has a 20, 5, and 1 watt switch in the back of course it sounds best when it's at 20 watts. There is also a headphone jack and effects loop and a footswitch jack for the gain/volume boost and the reverb. There is a fuse access point on the back and a ground lift button.

I'm using it through a peavey xxx 2x12 with sheffields and it sounds very good I can attain some classic rock tones with these speakers as compared to the celestion g12h I tried at GC which distorted quite a bit when the gain was set at 1 which I didn't care for. But not to dissapoint the people that want all the gain possible it does fine until you reach about 5 1/2 on the gain knob then it starts to get buzzy but then
you can kick in the gain boost and it tightens it right up. It sounds like the gain boost is diode clipping to
my ears which is what I'm used to anyway. Almost forgot there is a usb recording out and an xlr out on the back panel as well. The construction of the head cabinet is some kind high density fiberboard which is fine seems sturdy enough. It sounds better to my ears than the blackstar ht 20 I tried and the Egnater rebel and tweaker. With the sheffields think DSL 100 on the crunch channel with the gain turned down to 2 or 3 and with the gain up to 5 it reminded me of a Engl gigmaster but a little brighter because of the speakers I'm sure. The clean channel can go from triple xxx clean to a more fender clean depending on how you set your eq.
So far I like the head and plan on recording with it and will post an update when it's done with some sound clips.