hello, I just finished my solo. hope you guys think its not bad.

Marty Friedman is GOD!

curently in a SEX MACHINEGUNS and X JAPAN phase AND Galneryus AND Anthem phase

damn J-Metal, why you so awesome

My Gear:

Schecter Hellraiser V-1 fr
Ibanez RG321mh
Fender GDC-200sce
Peavey Vypyr 30 w/ sanpera 1
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Well, be4 i even watched the video, I knew it would be good, by the fact that in huge bold print it says marty friedman is god! He's my biggest influence, because, when you study his stuff, you learn melody is the most important. And you did what I figured, had an amazing melody, and all very well executed parts. TBH, i feel bad for the guy judging this, i havent seen a single bad entry yet, yours is among the best ive seen, love it dude! Keep it up! If you in the future would ever want to collaborate on an original instrumental, send me a pm on here.