There's a vintage kramer forum, have you tried asking there? Might be the best plan.
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Looks to be a Kramer Pacer Deluxe but I don't think its an 84...the headstock isn't right. This looks more like an 87 or an 88 based on the headstock shape and the Kramer logo. I think the headstock says "American" on it, if that's the case than this was a USA guitar but I'm not sure, can't tell because I can't really see it well on the pictures.
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Thanks. The only thing that had me concerned that it was possibly made over seas was the fact that the first letter on the neck plate was an S but I'm not sure if the S is for serial number and the D behind it is the true first letter. I'll ask the seller what it says on the headstock.
headstock is wrong for it to be from early 80s. it's not an American. had a couple of Kramers back then and don't recall any with SSS configuration until toward the end of the company. them had the same neck plate so that isn't a way to tell.