Short Version: I need a cheap guitar I can use for recording. I'm mostly concerned with playability. My current amp is cheap.

So I've been playing Bass for 10 years and have a basic rig for that, ESP LTD F5-E, Ampeg PF 350 and PF115.

I recently got more interested in guitar as well and My friend sold me a REALLY crappy Epiphone SG "Special" Proline (which should be called ANYTHING but Pro) and a functional yet limited Line 6 Spider II 15w for $40 all together.

I would like something a bit better as far as the guitar, which i think should come first before a new amp, though I desperately need both. I would consider myself an intermediate guitarist and an advanced bassist. I don't have a lot of money to spend on the guitar, maybe $600. The best guitar I ever played IMO was a PRS custom-24, but I don't have 2k+

Not that is matters much but I'll mostly be playing metal stuff like King Diamond, Megadeth, Iron Maiden - and a little bit of Al Di Meola.

Does anyone have some input regarding affordable guitars that would suit my needs?
PRS makes a$600 SE Custom 24. That would be a good place to start if you liked the USA version.
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