Alright, so I've posted a similar thread in GG&A but as I felt this was exclusive to guitars I'd post a thread instead of clogging up my other one with nonsense.

Ok so, the deal is. I've got to sell some guitars for my parents in order to clear some space in a house filled with guitars so I've said to them I'd get rid of a few of them.

I was thinking of selling everything except the 1527 and picking up a Loomis 7-V (I'm already sorted for 6 strings with my RG550 being a project) but I was wondering what was out there for about £800 before I decided on anything. The only real preferences I'd like are a curve for the stomach at the back, a V and no floyd. The Curve and no floyd are essential, but the V not so much.

Out of curiosity ESP are releasing some new models (Including one that looks really nice from Sonata Artica's guitarist) Has anyone heard about these yet and a possible price? It's pretty much everything I'd want in a guitar minus the stomach curve and the floyd. So it's probably out, but was just wondering anyway.

Thanks guys.
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There is a Loomis V with no floyd, if that interests you.
Other than that, I don't really know what to find around your alley as I'm kinda far behind with these guitar updates because I'm pretty happy with what I've got right now.

Then there is LTD AW-7, a signature model. It is not a V, but has a stomach curve and 7 strings and is a hardtail.

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