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I was wondering if I could play bass on my guitar amp with headphones. because I know that if I play it it will damage the amp. but if I plug in headphones it wouldn't, right? my amp is an peavey vypyr if that helps.
Might be safer to ask in the bass forum, they tend to know more about bass than we do, we tend to be guitarists (there are a few here who play both, I got a bass recently but I'm still a guitar player who dabbles with bass)

From what I've heard, it's the speakers which are the problem when using bass with guitar amps, so using headphones may well be fine, as you suggested. But don't quote me on that, obviously, check with the bass forum to be sure. They're very friendly and helpful.
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We get this question on the Bass Forum all of the time. Playing bass through a guitar amplifier will not harm the amplifier. However; it will completely, utterly, and undeniably destroy your guitar amplifier's speakers!

If your headphone output disables the speaker(s) of your Vypyr amp, then you will be OK. If not, your Vypyr's speaker(s) are toast! Also, will your headphone speakers handle that amplified low end? Might you be damaging your headphones? That is also something to consider.

EDIT: If you have one of Peavey's new Vypyr VIP amps, they say that these are specifically designed to handle both guitar and bass. I have not seen one - they are very new - but I will be interested to see if they can actually accomplish this.
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