Hey ryan, thank you for listening to my track and taking the time to comment as well !!

Now, coincidentally before I pressed play on your track I opened a beer and enjoyed it a lot more while listening to this track !!

I really love the clean tone and the bass, the clean guitars have a cool "bite" to them !
The riff at 3:03 was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!
The fast section in particular with the solo near the end was my favourite part.

And the production is really good, clean crisp sound, loved it ! keep up the good work mate..

I hope you don't mind but I downloaded this and put it in my playlist for my next beer party !! :P cheers
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Awesome!! I dont mind at all.. we encourage it actually. Yeah i always found our music goes great with beer lol. But can i ask how you downloaded the track on reverbnation without giving your email? Usually i get notified when someone downloads the track for free and I get their email address in return. Can i grab your email off you so I can add you to our mailing list? If not its all good. You can like us on our facebook page instead. Thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed it !

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