Hey guys I'm saving up for a new guitar and still not being old enough for a job, thought id offer to build pedals for people. I can build most distortion/ovrrdrive/fuzzes no problem as long as I can find the schematic. I could build almost any pedal, as long as it's not digital or some super complicated circuit. So far I've built 5 fuzz factories, a wooly mammoth for a bass player, modded some BOSS pedals, and even installed one of my homemade fuzz factories into my guitar. I can build them very fast once I get all the parts ordered; I made the wooly mammoth in one day. As far as painting goes, all I can do is paint solid colors, so if you want a graphic, you'd have to send a painted enclosure to me. If your interested post your email below and I'll get to you ASAP. Thanks
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This probably should go to Gear Ads or something. The people over in these parts prefer to roll their own, you see.

Thx what is gear ads? Is it another website or is it on these forums too?