So I replaced the stock pickups on my Epiphone Korina Explorer with 2 Bare Knuckle Nailbombs. The increace in power is very noticable on the neck pickup

But on the bridge pickup its way too quiet. Even when i raised them, the volume difference between neck and bridge pickup is pretty large.

Im possitive that its not a pickup problem, and i soldered it according to the diagram on the bare knuckle website, so what could be wrong?

also the tone on both pickups isnt as god as i thought it would be

cheers in advance
You might want to double check your ground/hot connection, just reflow the solder.
If not, figure out which pickup has more resistance and make that the bridge pickup.
The bridge will naturally be quieter because there is less string vibration near the bridge.

The tone issue cannot be fixed.
I would say that if you don't like the tone, try to return the pickups.

Good luck
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Bare Knuckles aren't the way to go in my opinion. I'd take them any day but if given the choice, it'd be DiMarzio every time as the prices aren't near extortionate plus they are probably the better option tone-wise from what I've heard. Seymours are always an option too. BK are just the 'in' thing this minute but SD and DM would be better choices IMO. So I'd return the pickups if you aren't happy tone wise and (depending on the genre) purchase a Dimarzio ToneZone or something.
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Posts a picture of your wiring if you can.
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