I need a bass practice amp. It’s down to the Fender Rumble 30 and the Ampeg BA-110. I really like the cleans of the Ampeg, but the Fender has an overdrive channel that could be useful. Is the OD on the Fender actually usable? Or would I be better off just buying the Ampeg and bass OD pedal?
The Fender Rumble 30 would be fine for a practice amp, but gigging with a 30-watt 1x10 combo is not really a wise thing to do. A built-in overdrive for a single 10" speaker is not going to be "studio quality," to say the least. The Ampeg might be a better amp, but it is no more capable than the Rumble 30, and there have been reports of QC issues with Ampeg's smaller amps since they moved production to Vietnam.
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There are better options for practice amps out there--Kustom, Ashdown, Peavey to name a few.

Personally I would avoid Fender, Ampeg and GK for the reasons FatalGear has stated above. I've always found the Fender Rumbles to be underwhelming in tone and Ampeg and GKs lower end stuff really isn't that great.

What's your budget here? The other option is go used. I had a used Kustom KBA10 for my first practice amp and it was loud, had good tone and it was built like a tank. I gave it to a music school my friend runs and its still taking the abuse from young bass players and going strong.