hello i have a problem with a blue yeti mic. it seems that my windows 7 pc messed up a driver that self installs. in the recording devices tab it used to say yeti stereo microphone and now it says usb audio device. now thats not the deal im concerned with, what bothers me is that i used to have the volume set to 30 and it was great. when i set it to 0 it gave me no sound you know just like 0 should do. Now i set to 0 and even the gain to 0 and still i get a normal like recording but if i go to 30 my recordings distort. thanks for any help.
Re-install the drivers, and if it still doesn't work try ASIO4ALL.
Not sure if that's gonna work but it's free and easy, so yeah, try it.

Also, what program are you using to record?
Name's Luca.

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