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A friend of mine said UG had a transposing tool on here that allows you to transpose chords say if you were using a capo. I cant find it anywhere, its probably me being a dumb blonde but can anyone help me?

do you mean pitch-shifting a song for playback? so you don't have to mess with your tuning to play along? google BPMinus.
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Pretty sure this isn't what you're looking for, but it's the closest I found. Are you talking about having an option to enable capo, and having the chords showing as if the capo is the nut (i.e changing the chords to their open position equivalent)?
Hi Triface, yeah that's the thing I'am looking for thank you x
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You could have worked this "problem" out for yourself by now easily. It would only take a few minutes of time now, and you'd be a better musician for it the rest of your life. There's no payoff to laziness.