About the guitars you buy and play, as far as specs go? I feel I'm a very weird individual when it comes to this.

First off, I don't like TOM bridges. They sit to tall for me. I feel like my hand is up to high, and it's uncomfortable. With those bridges, I end up palm muting near the pinky part of my hand.

Next up is body shape. I'm very off about this. I can't play with strats, Gibson, super strats, or Explorer type bodies. It comes down to position while sitting. It feels like my arm is jacked to far back, and it ends up getting tired. V guitars seems to be the only bodies I can get comfortable with. It straddles my leg, and the way it sits is very comfortable. I would love to play with a start style body. I think they look sexy. I've tried holding them the way I play my v. But, it ends up hurting my back.

Frets. I can't go any smaller then Jumbo. I don't get good enough grip on them when doing bends and what not.

Action, kind of goes along with fret size. I like it a little higher. Simply for grip reasons.

Last but not least, the bridge. For me, the only one I've thoroughly enjoyed, is the Floyd Rose. Locked off. The height feels good. I've tried hard tailbridges, but, I've never had luck intonating them. Never enough screw to get it prefect.

So, now that you've seen how screwed up I am, what about you guys and gals? Mind you, this thread serves no purpose other then curiosity.
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I'm as close to your exact opposite as can be, almost. I have guitars of all kinds of shapes, hardtails and trems, 24.75" and 25.5" scale, etc. But even so, there are things I don't care for.

I love the looks of Vs and other pointy guitars, but find them to be uncomfortable. Likewise, though I think they're quality guitars, I have yet to find a Fender or Gibson of any kind that felt like it belonged in my hands.
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I have my own ideal specifications but I'll play anything. Ideal specs would be:

24 Jumbo frets
Bolt on neck with recessed screws
Bound Ebony Fretboard
Flat Radius
Strat style hardtail bridge
Body made from a nice solid feeling piece of wood.
Maybe Locking Tuners
9s with low action

The only thing I don't like these days is trems, since I never use them they're a pretty big inconvenience. I own and would still buy Floyd guitars I would just block them these days. The only guitars that seem to have a individual saddle hardtail bridge are 7 and 8 strings.

@Dannyalcatraz, I prefer to play in classical position and Vs are actually more comfortable for that.
if the neck feels good in my hand then I'm pretty much good. shapes don't matter that much. how my picking hand sits is important but not deal breaker as I can learn to adjust . frets, eh not that much of a biggie.
I'm probably pretty picky too, I can't play any kind of Strat (or superstrat), Les Paul, PRS doublecuts, basically any guitar that forces itself to your right. I grew up on Explorers, so I'm used to having my hand pushed left, or nearer to the center of my body, rather than right, like with most other guitar shapes. So far only Explorers and Vs have been 100% comfortable for me.

I pretty much use exclusively jumbo frets too, or bigger if possible. I recently played a 74 Les Paul Custom (I might be wrong about the year, it was a fretless wonder anyhow) and could barely play it. Rhythms were fine but any kind of lead work was impossible. I know that's basically the opposite of jumbo frets but you get my point.

Action doesn't bother me that much, as long as it's comfortable for me it could be high or low and I won't really be bothered by it.

I find Floyd Roses the most comfortable bridges too, but I like TOMs too. The only bridges I can't stand are traditional Strat trems, string through bridges, and low-profile trems that don't let you know where the fine tuners are until you've hit them and detuned a string or two. I kinda like that a Floyd Rose forces your hand to not fall onto the bridge itself when you play unless you make a conscious effort to do so.
I find Flying Vs to be a pain, having to put it around your leg pushes the picking hand so far left I find it uncomfortable but I guess like JDR3009, it's probably about what you grew up with!

I'm a sucker for 24.75 scale length, I find it so much easier to express with bends and vibrato than a 25.5, and then going to a 25.5 makes everything feel weirdly stretched out to my hands. Neck size I find Les Pauls a bit thick and Strats are too thin.. My collection of '70s Yamaha SuperFlighters have the perfect neck size, like that of a PRS Custom 24 I'd say, thick enough to grip but thin enough to reach everywhere without stretching.

I think I'm one of the few people that also doesn't mind slightly heavier guitars :P Set necks are something I always look for, I've had a few good bolt ons but I find set neck just gives so much more sustain and they tend to be joint that much smoother allowing for better high fret access..

So yeah I might be a little picky.. xD
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i play any guitar really

but i do like a medium to high action for playing lead

I especially like to borrow my friends guitars because they have better guitars

neck wise i like them a bit wide
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if it feels good and sounds good I really don't care my two main electric guitars are worlds apart from each other and I like them both for different reasons.
I suppose the biggest thing would be that I don't like a chunky neck
For me, it has to be hard tail. Tune-o-matic preferred. I love playing with floyds, but I hate that I can't change tuning on the fly and they never felt right on my picking hand. I used to love pointy shapes but kind of grew out of them. Although I still have a soft spot for explorers and gibby V's. I like a set or neck through guitar. Usually prefer 3 a side tuning pegs for the headstock. But if its six in line it has to be reverse.

I prefer an ebony board but I'm partial to maple as well, I don't like the look of rosewood but I can deal with it. I prefer the neck be bound, and if possible the body too. I like a little bigger fret but can deal with most any size. I also prefer a 24.75 scale. I think I actually like a thicker neck because I have bigger hands. I like a medium action, not too low not too high.

All that being said I usually can adapt and learn to like anything haha.
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No Floyds, no EMGs. That's all, really.
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I never met a guitar I didn't like. I do prefer fixed bridges and a thicker neck, though.
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I'm very picky. I won't buy a guitar if it doesn't sit on my knee like a strat. Les Pauls are great guitars but i hate them. Can't play em. Same with "shredder" guitars that have radii flatter than kansas.
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Lately I've been getting picky over scale lengths, I think 25.5" is fine for 6 strings but it should be minimum 26.5" for 7 strings and 27" for 8 strings. The one thing I simply cannot stand is EMG pickups or the majority of active pickups I just don't think they're as responsive or versatile as a good set of passives. Bridge-wise I like Gotoh double-locking systems
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No Floyd's for me or extreme shapes. I used to have a beautiful Gibson Flying V that I loved the look of. It sounded great for crunchy rhytm but was a pain in the ass to play lead on or or practice with because it was so unbalenced I felt like it would smack me in the face if I ever let go of the neck. I ended up making a horrible trade deal getting rid of it and screwed myself. I play many different styles of music so I have a number of very different guitars and as long as they have a fairly normal shapes and are balanced, I am good with it. I am however not partial to Strats with thin necks or maple fretboards (hate maple fret boards). Also I can't play with the guitar lower than my belt line. I could never figure out how to play with the guitar down around my knees.
I'll play anything, but I definitely have my requirements for me to buy a guitar these days.

-Has to have Humbuckers
-Has to be 24.75" scale (my fingers are too short for anything longer)
-low action, fast neck (not too thick)
-Has to have a set neck
-Has to have a fixed bridge (TOM preferred)
-I mostly play standing up so body shape isn't important as long as it's balanced, but I like
classic shapes over the super pointy ones. My next guitar will probably be a Dean ML
-Has to have passive pickups
-Prefer a carved top, but not required. I like a guitar with some weight to it.

-And unless I'm playing acoustic, I only play with dunlop Jazz III pics.
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Also I can't play with the guitar lower than my belt line. I could never figure out how to play with the guitar down around my knees.

I play with the bridge pretty much on my belt buckle. That's what feels best for me. I actually prefer to play standing over sitting cause you don't have to bend your elbow so much.
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I play with the bridge pretty much on my belt buckle. That's what feels best for me. I actually prefer to play standing over sitting cause you don't have to bend your elbow so much.

When I play bass standing up, my right arm is almost straight. I play bass fingerstyle, mostly. Sometimes it's tough finding straps that are long enough.
6 string, bridge sits right about at my belt. I also like standing better, too.
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I'm not picky about specifications at all, but I am very picky about the quality and the setup of a guitar.

I mean, I can work with defective or badly set up guitars (within reason) if I really have to, but it will really bug me if I know the guitar is not as good as it should be.

That being said, there are a few design features of the stratocaster that I find a bit annoying - firstly, the forearm contour feels like it's in the wrong place for playing when standing up, secondly, the volume knob position bugs me because it gets in my way, and finally, the lack of a tone control for the bridge pickup makes the bridge pickup tone actually painful to my ears at higher volumes. Based on this, I think my ideal 'strat' is the 3 single coil equipped EBMM albert lee signature model
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I'm picky in a practical sense. There aren't any specs I really don't like, but a guitar just has to feel (and sound) right. A big turn-off does seem to be a narrow (feeling) neck, judging from the fact that I've never come across a classic design Stratocaster (or Fender-type in general, really) that I wanted to have.
I'm extremely picky. It's gotta have a recessed locking bridge, a pickguard, at least 3 pickups with a full humbucker slot (so HSH or HSS), 5 way switch. Either black or white finish, and the neck has to be dark too. Alder or something close in terms of brightness for wood. Strat shape.
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I'm not picky at all. Most of the small differences in specs I won't even notice. I do prefer a smaller neck though so I can use my thumb to fret notes on the low E
I'm not picky at all. I played guitars with different scale lengths and radii and neck contours and pickups for years and years...always having fun. Then I discovered internet guitar forums and learned that I'm supposed to have strong preferences. Well, I don't. If it has 6 strings, I can enjoy playing it.

That being said, I do have a preference for single coils, scalloped fretboards and tremolos, but none of those are essential for me to rock.
I can play any guitar. But, as previously stated, certain guitars sit to far to the right, so my arm feels out of place. That's honestly my biggest problem. I really want an Agile Intercepter. However, a warmoth V with a Schaller 475 hard tail with extra jumbo frets, and a bridge humbucker would be amazing. And certainly unique. I really wish I was more simple when it came to guitars. I started on an old Ibanez. I played with it for 4 years. And, no matter how much I practiced, my arm would get tired. The first time I played a V, the very first time, it was almost perfect. My technique was a lot better. Simply because of position. And my arm stopped getting tired. I also had a Dean ML for a while. I liked that, too.
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