I am an electronics engineering student working on my capstone project. I am trying to build a custom FBV switching pedal to switch between the preset effects in my Line 6 Spider IV 15W amp (keeping it simple, or at least trying.) I recieved some advice about the pedal from a professor at school. He doesn't know anything about guitars or amps, but he's assuming they use the ethernet connection to send commands to the amp to switch between the preset effects. I've done some research and cannot find anything about if, and how, they do this. Probably because Line 6 doesn't want people doing what I am trying to do. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and if so, could offer some advice?

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ive took mine apart, all it is is two latchable switches probably spdt 4 resistors an electrolytic cap 2 non electrolytic caps and 2 chips one is a SN74HC14N the other being a phillips 14 pin semiconductor marked with FBV2 v1.01 c/s:E1A1h on a sticker making me believe its programmed by line 6 (also its in a holder whereas the other, texas instrument one is directly soldered.) [url="http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/86679/PHILIPS/P87LPC760BN.html

i think you could do alot better for a project
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How long do you have for the project? Wouldn't really know myself, but would it be possible to maybe make yourself a nice, small, simple lunchbox amp in the time you have? Something like a 1AX7, 1 6L6 amp, the size of the Orange Tiny Terrors or similar.