The name of the song is:

The artists singing and playing the song are:

The band name they used for this was:

JOHN MELLENCAMP wrote the song

I submitted the song under the band/artist

To me though the song could technically be submitted
Three more times ...
Under John Prine
Dwight Yoakam
And lastly Buzzin' Cousins

...since the others are stars in their own right...

Has anyone ran into this dilemma before? And if so,
Did they submit it multiple times?

I have done songs where two different artists did the same song
But each in a different key and submitted them and they
We're both accepted and I can see that since they were
Both with different chords.... But in this case since it is
One song, but multiple stars singing and playing it I am
Somewhat stumped ....

Like I stated I tabbed and submitted it under John MELLENCAMP
Only... But should I also submit it under the other 3 names as well?
If it was released by Buzzin Cousins, you submit it by Buzzin Cousins

Lots of bands have famous people in them, but you wouldn't submit a GNR song as a Slash tab would you....
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Thanks... I appreciate the answer....makes sense.. The only reason i mainly asked was that 2 people who asked for the song as a request asked so by John MELLENCAMP.... And I don't believe the buzzin cousins had more then this one song... In fact, this was their one and only song... So to me it was sort of a joke type name unlike the traveling Wilburys which was a lot more legit....
Also, the song came off a soundtrack album where all the members of buzzin cousins had songs of their own on it....

I submitted it under John MELLENCAMP... As he was the writer of the song...
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