I'm picking up a very nice used Mexi Strat tomorrow as part of a trade I'm making.

It plays well, and is in very nice condition. I believe the middle and neck pickups are stock Mexis. However, the bridge pickup is an old Don Lace AGI. I've searched for hours, and although I can't confirm it, I believe this is either a precursor or an early version of the Holy Grail.

I'd like to know what it is, but either way, I'm planning on dropping at least a new bridge pickup in this, if not a whole set. If this Lace sounds good in the neck, I'll likely leave it there, get something new for the bridge, and keep one of the stock singles in the middle.

The leading candidate is a Dimarzio Injector. It has the qualities of a single coil that I'd like to have with the balls to handle heavy rock. Even though I feel like I'm fairly set on the Injector, I'm seeking out some alternatives to check out before I make my decision.

Some bits of info relevant to my search:
- This guitar will be the "heavier" alternative to my American Special which has Texas Specials (<3). Essentially, it will be used for the songs where I want a little more power than the those can give me.

- I'm NOT interested in rail-style single-sized humbuckers. I don't like the looks or the sound. Plus, I still want to retail some of the characteristics of a single coil. Stacked singles are fine.

- The styles of music I play all fit in the broad scope of "Rock". Breaking it down, the bulk of my playing fits into a mold of Alternative and Progressive rock, with Southern, and more straight-forward Rock and Roll also factored in.
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It's a AGI Don Lace N150. A bit hotter than a Fender Lace Gold from late '80s early '90s. You don't see them that often as they were only made initially with the 'pole pieces' (that aren't actually poles at all) to get acceptance from traditionalists who couldn't come to terms with the flush look of the lace sensors.