Both of these guitars cost almost the same here for new one, 300-350 $. I can't pick which one i should get, im a guitarist and really into some alternaitve metal like Korn,Deftones,Tool. I might give it a try, will also bass play good on an electric guitar amp or amp might break?..
The ltd has 24 frets which gives you a little more to play around with, and it's on sale on MF for $219. Why limit yourself to just 2 basses though? Go out and play a couple and see what style you like best. Also playing bass through a guitar amp highly frowned upon in these parts. You'll damage it eventually. There are cheap enough starter bass amps at pawn shops.
For the type of music you intend to play I would suggest either an Ibanez SR300 or a Peavey Millennium AC BXP.



I own the Peavey and have it tuned drop C for playing Deftones/Mastodon, works perfectly. The Ibanez is just a great all-round workhorse that is more than capable of most styles.
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