I own a boss metal zone mt-2. Worked fine until a few days ago.
Since I don't have an adaptor, I use the 9V batteries.

When I put in the battery it works fine for about 10min and then it slowly loses power.. The red led gets dim and the sound gets weak until It shuts down after 5min as if the battery was empty. I can put in the same battery a few minutes after and get the same thing. Tried a few different batteries - same thing.

When it stopped working, you found the best tone that pedal will ever get -- OFF.

JK -- Have you tried a power supply? It sounds like it's draining the battery very fast. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help. Sorry. If it's under warranty, I would think Boss would do something about it. I've never had any of their pedals malfunction.
Yeah I know it's crap but its all I've got for now.
No, the battery's fine, if I put it back in a few minutes later the light turns on and everything works fine for the next 10min or so.
Buy a one spot maybe? I dunno.
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what you really need is a new metal zone
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Just get a one spot. They are cheap and you can power multiple pedals with it via a daisy chain. Why keep wasting money on 9 volt batteries.
Could be a poor connection on the battery plug.

I agree, just get a One Spot. It pays for itself really quickly. 9V batteries are very expensive.
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