I've been playing guitar for two years and can only play two songs in full.
They are Deliverance - Opeth and Hourglass - Lamb of god
I can't play any other song in full

I usually learn segments of songs I like then drop it and move to a different song.
For example, I can play the Cemetery Gates solo but not the rest of the song. I play the ending of Burden a lot but have never learned the rhythm parts.

How can I stick to one song? What songs should I know?
You just have to put your mind to it and learn a full song. The songs you should know are the ones you think you should know, the ones you like.

There is nothing wrong with only learning sections of songs though, at the same time it can be beneficial to learn full songs.
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Well Deliverance is a great song so who cares

I have a lot of the same thing - often times certain sections aren't that interesting to learn as the ones you really want to play. Knowing a song in full is beneficial though and gives you a sense of accomplishment plus it's useful if you're ever gonna play with someone. The only thing to do is stick with the song and learn it properly, practice all the sections individually and ignore all those really cool riffs you hear in the meantime, don't browse for tabs for random songs and so on - there's just so many potential distractions and it seems so standard to be playing random riffs from 10 different songs during practice than to focus on only one or two songs. If you make a goal of recording a good full cover, that might help as well because you'll force yourself to play the whole thing really well. Learn songs you really, really like yourself and that is close to your skill level but still a challenge - doesn't matter what others think you should know.
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Learning a song starts with exactly that, learning the song.

Forget the guitar for a second, before you can worry too much about learning to play it you really need to know what it's supposed to sound like. So listen to it, lots. Learn where the chord changes are, where the lead parts are what they all sound like.

If you don't really know what it is you're supposed to be playing then you're obviously going to have more trouble trying to learn to play a song.
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