After my last band, i started writing music on my own. After writing for about a year and half, i have accumulated six complete songs. Ive been demoing out my songs using guitar pro and running them through a soundfont program. They dont sound great but its good enough to flesh out ideas and get the point across. In this period of time, ive also been saving money for alot of new gear. My main purchases will be a new desktop computer, Studio One, Axe FxII, Superior Drummer 2.0, a bass guitar, a power amp, power condition, rack case, etc etc. Basically everything i need to make a near proffesional sounding recoding. I will buying all this gear no later than summer of 2014. The only thing i really need at this point is a vocalist (as i am a terrible terrrible singer lol).

So what im looking for is this. Either a singer in the Minot ND area (that i can record myself) or someone with their own vocal rig anywhere else in the world. Said vocalist would also need to be able to write their own vocal lines. Im looking to find one vocalist that can both sing and scream... more emphasis on the clean vocal lines however. If i couldnt find one vocalist who could both sing or scream that i really liked, i would also consider two vocalist but i would like to keep it to one vocalist if possible.

If you are at all interested, please check out my soundcloud demos and send me a message on soundcloud or on my facebook page (links will be at the bottom of this page). Tell me a little about yourself in general, your musical background, key influences, music related gear, or anything else you deem relavent. If possible, please send me a link to a vocal recording of some sort that you have done in the past so i can get an idea of what your voice sounds like.

If you would like to know more about my musical/personal background, you can find that as well on my soundcloud.