Hi Guys, I have a boss GT-10 and a boss FS-6. Im trying to make the fs-6 be the ctrl 3 & 4. I've added them to the patch but nothing happens when i press either of them. I have tested the switch by changing channels on my amp with it.

What am i doing wrong??

I should be able to help you, as I used to use both of these... but I'm drawing a blank right now.

I know that when I had my GT-10, I had an issue with stereo jacks, where the ring and tip needed to be switched to make it work to change channels. That shouldn't keep the FS-6 from working though, I don't think. If anything they'd just be switched... I think. Not sure.

Have you tried changing the FS-6 setting from latched to momentary or vice versa?

Which jack on the GT-10 are you using to connect it?

Are you using a TRS - TRS cable?
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Ive got it partially working. I hadnt switched on the assignment (tiny off/on at the bottom right) now im finding only ctrl3 assignment works. im guessing in what your saying it could be my stereo TRS cable.

I have tried momentary and latched both work fine on ctrl.

Im using the A/B ext pdl 2 ctrl 3/4 and I've tried a stereo TRS-TRS and a normal TRS-TRS

Thanks for helping out. Its greatly appreciated