Yo Pit members where you work at? Who's a student?

I work at a University Events at my college--we set up concerts, shows and events. Today we finished set up for some big gig tomorrow. It's a pretty sweet gig and it's giving me experience in the field I want to go in to, despite certain shifts being complete shite (did dance floors last night hate 'em)
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To the pit because i don't feel like doing real life.
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I work for Enterprise Rent-a-car as a management trainee, with the intention of going into employee training and development or corporate account management.
Hey we rented a car from those guys once

My dad hit the sidewalk as soon as we drove out with it

ggg1 ggg3

i dont have a job because getting one in my area is oddly difficult. ive been applying since november of 2011 and absolutely nothing useful has come my way
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Hey we rented a car from those guys once

My dad hit the sidewalk as soon as we drove out with it


I don't know how lenient the US operation is with damage, but over here, as long as the alloys don't look like someone's taken a screwdriver to them and given them a good gouging, we don't take the excess.
Well I'm in Canada, but there was no *visible* damage so we were ok when returning it.
ggg1 ggg3

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Well I'm in Canada, but there was no *visible* damage so we were ok when returning it.

Yeah, we do it all the time anyway

Decent job though- good wage for a trainee, attainable bonuses, decent incentives... it's much less about renting cars than people think- we're taught to run a business, car rentals just happens to be the service provided. We're all responsible for creating and opening new leads/accounts, vehicle maintenence, chasing unpaid invoices, developing and maintaining relationships with corporate accounts, marketing, employee development... plus, every employee at Enterprise starts at the bottom, even the GMs, and it's all internal promotion, and a report goes out every week showing you how promotable you are, and everyone else in the company.
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I work at the local cinema. Quite a nice job, you get paid for pretty much doing nothing and watching a movie every once in a while. However I don't get to work very much, and hence don't get paid very much, because people download the movies illegally instead...
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I'm an assistant manager at a shoe store and I hate my existence because of it.

I'm waiting a few months before I vamp and get a better job so I have some experience under my new title.

I'm still working out how I'm going to attend college and work full time simultaneously. Because I definitely can't stop working.
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Dude, I've worked like a dozen jobs since I was 15(never fired from one!). Get used to that sheeeit.
work is where I don't want to go now but have to go now
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Golf club. It's not like Caddyshack.

When I was in high school, I valleted for a lake club. Was class shit. Years later I got a public intoxication ticket from crashing a wedding at the same place.