Hi there

We (Ocean Whip) just released a new video/song.
The singer said he'd get the video done for this one.
Quite a oneman-show,but the video turned out quite nice,I think..spooky !
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Have a nice weekend

Here it is :

Disappear by Ocean Whip

Btw,two new songs on our FB-page.
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I liked the music side of it. Reminded me of Dream Theater's creepier shit. Very interesting chord and melody choices. Lol but I have to say I was NOT expecting that voice to come out of that singer.
The video lacks movement, too static.

You should have make him walk entirely through the snow or something, like that Avril Lavigne video.

In music videos people are often depicted as 'going somewhere', with everything around it reflecting things of the story and/or song.

Just watch a few music video's

He doesn't even need to walk to an end goal, just walking for nothing is used often.

In music video's where people are not 'going somewhere', it's often filled up with beautifull woman or a 'cool scene', or with at least interesting footage of creepy stuff if that's your thing.

Offcourse exceptions, but the bottom line is it needs movement to illustrate the story.

Watching a guy sitting still is not interesting. The 4 or 5 scenes are basically 4 or 5 albums covers but then animated.


The music was not that bad, far more dynamic than the video.


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Thank you for watching and commenting :-)
I do agree with xxdarrenxx concerning some lack of movement in the videoscenes,but
to much movement tends to make the listener watch a movie instead of hearing the music.
THAT is probably a good thing for music which is not so complex and with lots of details,though.And beautiful women makes you miss that intricate synth/bass or guitar-run ;-)
But thank you ,we will truly think about and discuss your comments for our next videoshoot :-)
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