Hay guys my first post and unfortunately its not very happy~ Long story I just got a replacement guitar (Epiphone pr 150) because the first one they gave me had some dead frets/sounding the same. Now the first one I got the clerk was telling me that the cold warped the neck. . . ok what ever so he gives me a new one. This time I take it straight home in a 10 minute guitar ride but the same things going on and i'm really doubting that much damage can be done within that short of a time frame. The bag i have is pretty well padded so it shouldn't be that cold.

On the high e string the 8-14 frets are all either dead or sound the same with a strong buzzing sound. The neck for the most part (of what i can see) is straight. Also theirs a significant amount of buzzing on the low e string as well so i'm wondering if adjusting the truss rod and raising the action would help fix this problem. The crazy part is that aside form that everything sounds ok. I know it would be best if just go back and let them deal with it but first I would like to have a general direction of where its heading as i'm not very experienced in this field

Thanks in advance~
"Dead" frets are normally caused by the string hitting an adjacent (higher) fret. Your buzzing problem indicates this is the case.
This could be caused by a "high" fret, one that's not the same height as the others... Or by the neck relief not being set properly.
This should be taken care of by the place that sold you the guitar, but it sounds like they are either uninterested or incompetent..... Complain to the manager. A short trip home should
have no effect.