Hey, so I was wondering: Guitar Pro is a software, and like any other software could be modded to add or tweak features. (Am I right? I'm not a big computer nerd)

My musical creativity right now wants to experiment with new things that Guitar Pro 5 won't allow me. Some are in Guitar Pro 6 (x:y polyrhythms) or the ability to have 8-string guitars but I don't like using it, and others simply don't exist (microtonality, and not only quartertones but for example 18 or 22 EDO). Also, it's impossible to have more than 8 string although many instruments now have 9, 10, 11, and so on (For this sure you can still split in two tracks, but it's quite an annoyance).

So yeah, I don't know how modding works but I'm pretty sure it'd be feasible for GP5. Is there a computer nerd here that could either do it, help me do it, point me to modding websites or point me to people who have already modded GP5?

Thanks bros.
Modding Guitar Pro is not something you'd be able to learn quickly by reading off a site. You'll spend some number of years learning to program before you could do that. Even then, Guitar Pro has no public source code, which I believe (though I could be wrong) makes it next to impossible to mod. Honestly, you're best option is to start taking programming very very seriously, and then a few years from now, make your own software from scratch.
Unless TuxGuitar does it then I doubt it.

Sibelius might do something but it's not really designed for rock music.
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That is super cool, thanks for sharing. Definitely checking that out. Hope gp7 will support mictrotonal as well but doubt it
^This is IN-SANE! I just downloaded the free trial, and you can put as many "tones" as you wish and put custom pitch or ratios on them all, as well as adding custom notation marks. Wow that is great! I'm currently trying to figure out how it works, and especially how microtonal music works in general. haha I'm so stoked!