When you change chords do you mute or anything or do you just play all strings open as you change positioning especially on quick songs I always hit the strings open or if I change from an Em to a G ill end up hitting just the second on the A and the rest open as I change is that bad or not really.
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No it's not bad at all. Basically the most important thing you have to remember is not to lose the rhythm, keep the rhythm going. Lots of guitarists hit the open strings between more tricky chord changes it is called a 'phantom note'. I have the exact same problem between Em and G.
I'm very new to guitar so I would have thought that it would change the sound of the song. Good to know for when I get to that point.
Whilst it is a valid technique to hit the open strings in between it's very much a stylistic choice. It's something you do consciously if you want the sound it gives you, it shouldn't be something you can't help doing and you should be able change chords cleanly when required.
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Another thing is on more difficult chord changes, if you get a couple of the fingers changed you can hit those strings while you get the other fingers into place. that should still sound "right" (more or less) while not losing the rhythm.
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