Got myself a new Ibanez GRG270BK to learn some metal for kicks with a FR style trem, my first FR. (Teles and LPs)

When I'm doing even light bends I'm pulling the trem bridge up at the same time, making all the other notes go way down out of tune, so bends up to other notes are impossible.

Is this normal for an FR, or is it a poor one, do I need more springs, or are my bends too heavy, is there a way to bend without it doing that.....?

Thanks for your time.
Yup, that's normal. Drives me nuts too, but the raygun floyd sound makes me not miss the double bends so much. More springs might help a bit.
Perfectly normal, you just have to learn to compensate but it's an absolute ballache for unison bends.
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It's normal.

I mainly play fender strats and hollowbody jazz guitars. Some stuff i can do with the strat that i can't with the hollowbody because of the vintage tremolo, and some stuff i can do with the hollowbody that i can't do with the strat because of a fixed bridge.

What you can do is get yourself a Tremol-No. (Google search it)
You basically replace a spring with the tremol-no and then you can adjust it so your guitar can go from a floyd rose guitar to a fixed bridge, obviously you can't use the floyd when it's in fixed bridge mode though. You will never be able to solve the problem perfectly of having a floating bridge so you can do all the whammy stuff and still have the rest of the strings stay in tune when you bend one string.
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Thanks Guys.

Good to know its not a fault.

It's a great budget guitar, landed on my feet in terms of action and fretboard, a delight. Plus she's been showing me how sloppy my technique has gotten.
Glad I'm not going to have to change her, I'm sure I can learn to compensate on those bends.
The Tremol-no looks nice, but a bit pricey for a budget axe. Good to know though, looks like a good piece of kit.

That's part of the reason that I got shut of my RG350, that and I like to down tune the E string at random intervals without swapping guitars.

You do get used to it though and in my case it actually helped my left hand muting technique cause I learned to position my fingers slightly different so that it muted the other strings when going for a bend that way if, sorry when, I caught the other strings with the pick they didn't sound.

As for the playability of that GRG I've yet to play an ibanez that doesn't play well, they're just awesomely made for the price, I mean my RG was £280 when I bought it and it was just phenomenal!