I was browsing through my local Craigslist musical instruments section today and came across a Warmoth electric guitar for sale for $289:
I know Warmoth parts aren't cheap. Also I've seen a lot of people say good things about Warmoth, so I'm inclined to believe they make good stuff. I think the place selling this guitar is a pawn shop or similar place, so I'm not sure if the guitar is crap or if they've simply underpriced this guitar not knowing much about Warmoth. The bad thing in this ad is that the body of the guitar is fairly dark, so it's hard to see the pickups. I've made a copy of the picture with increased gamma - it's still hard to make out the guitar, but it looks like the body may be purple-ish with 1 or maybe 2 humbuckers:

I checked out Warmoth's web site, and the body looks like Warmoth's "7 string" body style, although it looks like the guitar only has 6 strings.

What do you all think? Might this be a good deal or something to avoid?
Parts guitars like that have terrible resale value, even if they have good parts.

If it's actually what it says it is, and it was assembled well, it's probably a fantastic guitar for the price. (Part of the issue with these guitars is that it's often difficult to verify that the parts are what they claim to be.) Just know that if you ever need to sell it again you're probably going to have to part it out and/or deal with the same low resale value.
^^ Yes you get screwed on resale for parts guitars. The neck alone on that guitar probably cost the builder over $200. At that price though you should be able to resell without loosing much if anything.
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you could get better deal .tell him you seen same one on ebay for 150

+1. Look at the photo. Does that look like the front window of a man who’d turn down $150?
If it's local and you want it go check it out man. I don't think it's a scam.

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