I have a question. I injured my wrist badly when I was A kid and it eventually caused Carpel tunnel in my fret hand wrist. I had the surgery, which went ok, but I discovered that I can really no longer fret chords other than Power chords and Barre Chords. I know I can get by with just using power chords & barre chords, but I would like to know what other chords or variations of them can I use that can be fingered with 2 or 3 fingers. I know there are some guitarists out there who can help me with this so please feel free to offer whatever suggestions you may have.


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Which chords are giving you issues?

As for two or three note versions of barre chords, it's pretty easy. Pick three notes from the chord and play them.

For example a full A major chord can be played:


Or like this


Or if you want to be super cool.


There's lots of different ways to play the same chord. You may also want to check out Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler rarely plays a "full" chord.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I broke my left wrist sliding into second base.hell it took 2 years till I could do a push up on it.even with cast on it I played on old guitar.your hand would of healed up if you had exercised it
With two different barre chord shapes you can make 4 chords with each. With root note on sixth string (lets use the 3rd fret G as root) you can use the E Shape Barre Chord to make the Full Major, Minor, 7th and Minor 7th. Similarly with root note on 5th string, with a single barre chord shape (A shape) you can make the major, minor, 7th and minor 7th. Ultimately 4x12 = 48 chords...see this link if for the proper fingerings.

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I damage my fretbaord hand. Im greatful I can play guitar period.
I also broke my middle figure. Im lucky I can still play lead.

yeah, I actually use that so call 4 chord to begin with anyways to do those zz top or
monkey business type riffs. You don't really need to bar it complety. Just play off the
2 notes. It sounds meaner anyways. If you hold the pick a certain way..as if you're almost scraping it. It give really mean bottom tones.lol
If you learn how to see the chord inversion of that. The lowest chord you can make is actual the A not E. You don't need the 7th string.lol

To make a min chord. Just play the first 2 notes as you see it in the open C chord.
It's the root and 3rd....Flatten the third to get a minor.
To play extended chords or get those sounds. Play 3 strings.
Instead of seeing just the octive note....just flatten that. You get 7th, -7th, 6th, 5th...ect
The 5th would be in a kind of sus.
Don't worry about the 9th and 11th...it's the same as saying 2 or 4.
You would naturally sus the 3rd anyway.
If you need to play the diminish. Just flatten the 5th.
If you need to play an augmented. Just sharpen the 5th
That pretty much covers most of the sound in chords.

After a while it kind of kicks in. You might as will use your picky if you wanna
add more tones to the chord. Sound all jazzy.lmao

Try learning the whole tone scale. it'll help you to see checker or diamond patterns.
You'll see a D maj or D7 chord shapes.
Then it's just a matter of flating or sharping the notes you need. Simple......

There's also an exercise that groge lynch dose to help strengthen the middle finger and ring finger.
He puts the index finger behind the neck. Then use the middle finger and ring finger to make bar chords or whatever. Sometimes he uses his thumb to make crazy reaches.
He basically use the thumb to bar instead of the index.

Or you can just look cool and play it over hand?.

Im actually left handed but play right handed.
Some right handers actually plays the guitar left handed because of fretboard strength

There's actually a cool blues guitar player that plays the guitar left handed but he
dosnt re-string it. Meaning the lighter stings are on top.lol
That's just too wickage for me. It would totally rack my brain.

Ive pretty much programmed my brain to see the fretboard as a right hander.
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