Hi Guys/gals new to hear so thought I'd seek some help

I am trying to re-string my Maton 6 steel string guitar & the pegs pop back up when I tighten them. I have tried lightly tapping them in but don't want to belt them too hard. 12 years old it is first time being replaced.......any idea's how I can get the pegs to stay down? I have only tried the 6th string (bottom E)at this stage so there's little point doing the rest until this one stay put. I have tried all the the pegs on this thick string & they pop up to.

NEVER push the pins in.

When the guitar is at tension, the tension of the strings actually locks the pegs in place. While changing the strings, put the string into the hole, lightly (very lightly) press the pegs in and then pull the string upwards so that the string is taut. This should be more than enough to hold it. If it does pop out(which never happens to me), just repeat the process again.
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