So i'm finally learning the second solo to master of puppets and I'm having trouble with the first part the group of triplets from the high E to the B string 17 p to 12
13-12-13 back to 12 on the E string, ive just discovered how to economy pick to get my speed up but can somone suggest whats the best strum pattern to use???
i hammeron/pulloff the notes on the high e string and pick the notes on the B as far as i remember. Been a while since i've learned the solo though. There's multiple ways you could do it.. you could pick it all, you could legato all of it or you could do what i do.

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don't even try to get the crazy bendy note that kirk originally hit cause he accidentally pushed the string off the side of the fretboard.
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For me, it's a pull-off to start, and then all picked notes. The same technique is used in the Breadfan solo, as well as what Randy did in Mr. Crowley.