I've been on the lookout for a USB interface to record some guitar. I have no mics at my disposal, so I'll have to plug the guitar directly into the interface and use amplitube or another amp sim. I work with ableton live.

both the cakewalk and focusrite are 80eu used. I saw in the recording sticky that the focusrite came highly recommended by some of you. But after comparing the specs of both I saw that the cakewalk (by roland) has on board "Analog Dynamics Processing (threshold-adjustable Compressor/Limiter) with indicator on input", which the focusrite does not.

Which one would you guys recommend? And what are the pros/cons of both?

Are you going to be recording directly into the interface? Or using a DI box and then into the interface? I've just spent the last month looking for the best interface within my budget, after having used the Behringer which I bought for £10… But god the latency on that thing was awful.

ANyway, in the end I decided to go for the scarlett 2i4, and the quality is very good, no latency and good pre-amps, definitely a good choice for the price. I was going to get the 2i2, but I heard about clipping issues for some people that recorded directly into it (jack to jack), although this is quite rare. But out of the people that did have this issue, no one seemed to be able to resolve it - the only way they could fix it was by first going into a DI box, which is out of question for me as that's a whole new expense. Most of the 2i2's don't have this problem, but I just wanted to make sure so i chose the 2i4 which doesn't have this issue at all.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, the ua-25ex has MIDI ports, whereas the 2i2 doesn't, but I don't know whether that's something you're after. Btw, the 2i4 also has MIDI, which is really useful for me. On the other hand, the pre-amps on the focusrite are supposedly better than the ua, and apart from that not much separates them (from what I've heard).