Just looking for advice with recording with Studio one 2 and Presonus Audiobox USB. This is all new to me ive never really recorded anything and ive learned a lot in the last couple days but i'm confused about a few things.

Is plugging your guitar straight into the interface and using the built in sounds a bad idea? I tried using the Ampire amp setting and it just sounds terrible. Is there a way to get better amp simulators within Studio one? I noticed that you can locate files on your computer through the software. For the time being I just mic'd my amp with the M7 microphone provided and it sounded miles better then anything I could get plugging right into the interface.

I learned how to add in a drum track following the BPM in the song. It's pretty cool but it doesn't really have the fast drums that I want (something that you would find in Punk or Metal). So does this fall into the last question am I missing some add ons or something?

Any help and advice for a complete recording novice would be appreciated.
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Which version of S1 are you using? IIRC some don't let you use third party plugins.

If it's not one of those versions, then download a free amp sim (we have a sticky on them) and some impulse responses (found in the same sticky). If you can't get a reasonable high gain tone out of any of them you're not doing it right. Cleans are possible but a little trickier on the free side of things.
I use Studio One, with a VSL44. Ampire has some really nice clean sounds, and some usable distortion (for tracking ideas, maybe not for finished product, but i have spent alot of time tweaking). The is an IR loader that comes with studio one, can't think of the name, but you can use downloaded IRs in it. Be sure to bypass the speaker cab in ampire though.
Another thing is turn the application that comes with the audiobox, or you will hear the clean guitar come through it, mixed with the guitar sound from ampire.

as for drums, I use ezdrummer, so I have no idea about the loops. You can load samples into the impact virtual instrument though, and presence might be able to do midi drums as well.