This is basically regarding learning new songs in GP6. When scrolling, the cursor is all the way down at the lowest bar near the bottom of the screen. You can't see what the next bar is going to be ahead of time. It would be nice if there was a way to have the current bar in the center of the screen, or even the top, so that you could see what the next bar is going to be.

Is there anything like an auto-scroll option or a way to lock the position of the current bar to the top or center of the screen? Would really help with learning new songs.

Thanks all,
I remember having this problem myself. I'm pretty sure they fixed this in a later update, so make sure you have the newest version (should be 6.16 or 6.15 now). Also go to View->Smooth Scrolling and check it. I also recommend using View->Parchment, this way it doesn't split the tab into pages - which can also be annoying while playing along.
sorry I can't help as I don't have GP6 but would you say GP5 is better than 6?
I have this exact annoyance, but Smooth scrolling didn't seem to fix anything. Another thing that I'm not particularly fond of is that when you have a capo, the fret positions are relative to the capo, instead of absolute. ie. capo on 2nd fret and need to fret 7th? it'll say 5th instead of 7th. Anyone knows if this can be changed?

@ibrahimasood, I'd say GP 6 is much more intuitive, and user friendly. It's not a radically different piece of software, but I like it a lot more than GP 5. It just seems like they hired actual designers this time. There are a few features that come into my mind that I really like, the possibility to have multiple tabs open at any given time is one of them. If you're planing on upgrading, you won't regret it, but try the demo first.
^The "relative, not absolute" capo thing is something you cannot change, and I'd much prefer it the way you described as well. You can only change whether it impacts standard notation, not tab. One reason why I won't tab or use tabs with capos.

GP6 is better but not by a ton. They focused a lot on design and RSE2 - which is "only OK", not as great as they hyped it. Sound quality can be made quite decent in general though, with exception of ie. distortion guitars/palm mutes (which is kind of a big deal). Tabbing functionality improvements are details - things like grace note durations, double dots, any X:Y tuplets etc - nothing huge. There's shortcuts keys for just about everything, which is nice. A lot of people who've used GP5/4 for years don't like it, their reasoning often being that drums have to be tabbed in standard notation.
I'd say wait to upgrade if you're thinking about buying - GP6 has been out about 3 1/2 years and they've been developing GP7 since at least 2011 - it might be around before we know it.