I have talked to a few musicians here and there that I know and they've given me some answers but I want a wider range of opinions...

I want to get a sound that can go from a nice clean sound to a clear distorted sound (i suppose that's a contradiction isn't it?) I like a warm sound a lot...and as some ideas some of my favorite bands/musicians are as follows:

Alice in Chains
Green Day
Korn (older stuff)
Five Finger Death Punch
Stone Sour
Foo Fighters (Wasting Light)
My Chemical Romance
System of a Down
Limp Bizkit
Sum 41
Panic at the Disco!
Paramore (before Zack and Josh left)
Avenged Sevenfold (pre-Hail the King)

Any suggestions are really appreciated
What is the rest if your rig?
Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Seagull S6
Laney Lionheart L5T

and a bunch pedals...
What is your budet?

What current guitars do you have?

What is your current amp?

Where do you live?
I have a Johnson tube amp (not sure of exact model, a family member let me borrow it), I have a Boss ME-6 Multieffects pedal with Distortion, Delay, Reverb, etc. and I currently have a really cheap strat knockoff I bought for a $100 bucks when I started playing a year ago, and I live in Northeast Ohio...My budget isn't really set...I mostly need to know where to aim for saving up cash but I'd say in the $150-$250 range
I would say a used Epiphone would be your best best. Either a Les Paul Standard or an SG G-400.
I second the G-400. It's gonna be the best bang for buck
Gibson SG Standard
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Cort Explorer
Squire Standard Strat rebuilt with Fender USA parts
Squire Tele
Krank 1980
Orange Tiny Terror
Traynor YCV 50 Blue
Peavey Vypyr 75

Will fly for food. Call me Dylan
In that price range check out a MIM s/s/h Strat.... The Epi Sg neck dives too much!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
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