I have a 1962 Framus 5/53 archtop acoustic guitar with s-holes, and I don't want to have any thing installed onto it. I know on a regular acoustic you can buy clip on pick ups, but I 'm wondering if there is an alternative for archtops.

There are a few of them about. Most of them attach to the tailpiece or bridge and work in that piezo style. Fishman makes a couple models. They do get pricey, though, I think over the $200 USD mark.
I once used one of those piezo transducers that you temporarily stick to the guitar with some putty (watch the finish!). They may have some type of stick on pickups. Watch that no matter what you do you'll get feedback with a lot of volume.
they have pickups you can stick in an F-hole.

like the putty ones, like said, but you don't
have to worry about marking the finish.

depends how much you want to spend,
prices will vary greatly.

but I suggest you at least get something
with a volume control.

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You should check out some sort of scratch-plat mounted jazz style pickup, sounds perfect for what you want. Not sure who to recommend getting one from though. I know boutique sort of places do them!

Almuse in the UK (who specialise in mandolin-pickups, i got mine from there) do that sort of thing! If you're over my side of the pond it's worth a gander, they sound great and the guy who runs the place is a dude! Did a really good job on my mandolin pickup in a custom scratchplate