Hello all, first post here....so I want to buy my first electric guitar, I have been practicing and learning on an acoustic, however I'm very new at it too. So I been reading about it and want to get a decent guitar that will work and sound good. I know I can get one of the packages with amp, strap and all that like the epiphone performance that comes with a Les Paul Special II, but I wan a better guitar and dont mind getting a better amp. I dont want to spend more than $400 for the guitar so I narrowed down to the Epiphone Les Paul Standard or the G-400 Pro. I know about the issue with neck dive of the G-400 but a wide strap will solve that. So what are your thoughts? which one will be better as "beginner"? I'm interested in rock, metal and similar. Any suggestions?
Either one is a perfectly good budget electric. The best thing is to just play both and see whichever one you find most comfortable.
The g-400 pro has got coil-tapping which makes the guitar a bit more versatile than the Les Paul but they're both good guitars. I have got an Epiphone G-400 (the regular one, not the Pro version) and I think it's a really nice guitar for the money but the same thing can be said about the Les Paul. You should try them both in the store and then decide which one you like best.
I used to have the g-400 as well. The pro version. I loved it at the time and it is a great deal for the money. It is also much lighter than the LP so if your going to be playing with a strap a lot I'd go for the SG. However, I have played the LP as well and its also a great guitar for the money. So like the others have said, just play both of them. In my personal opinion the SG is better looking...
Also, I'm not sure if a wide strap will solve the neck dive problem on the SG. On mine I just moved the location of the strap knob to the top horn and it work very well.
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Either one is a perfectly good budget electric. The best thing is to just play both and see whichever one you find most comfortable.


the lp is likely to be heavier and have worse upper fret access. but you may still prefer it.
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Go to a guitar store and play them both if you can.

I wanted an SG for a long time because they look and sound cool but I've found that because of the small neck joint they go out of tune whenever you apply a little pressure with your left hand.

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SGs have neck dive, as well.

LTD has a modified SG shape which puts more weight on the bottom to eliminate neck dive. Works pretty well. They call it the Viper line. A Viper-400 or Viper-1000 is a pretty nice guitar.
I used to have a G-400. I really liked it and totally regret selling it. The stock pickups weren't amazing, not TERRIBLE, but I replaced the bridge one with a Tony Iommi signature pickup which was awesome. Also had a graphite nut installed. Mine would have been made around 2002 I think, so it didn't have the coil tapping, and I dont know what else they've changed since then... But I don't think you could go wrong with either one.

I'm actually thinking about picking up another one and hotrodding it...
I love both. Personally, I prefer the upper fret access and slightly thinner neck of the SG. But I've known many that were the opposite. Both are fine guitars, you just have to play both and figure out which feels better to you
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Les Paul. For me there's no contest it's just a better guitar. I couldn't explain why but I've played both and the Les Paul just seems so much nicer to play. The one thing I would say though is that Les Pauls are bloody heavy!
Being a Les Paul fanboy, I'd choose the Les Paul. I wasn't even aware of the G-400 pro but that seems like a solid choice. Just choose whichever one feels and sounds better.

As for the amp, you should check out the Vypyr. I'm not sure about the new VIP series but the 20 watt goes for about $130
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