Im recording bass right now for a metal band im in and don't really have much of an idea of what vst plug ins to use with it. I've been reading about the tse bod v2 but I haven't Been able to figure out if im.gonna to need cab Sims as well or a amp sim not much experience with Im thinking its similar to doing guitars? Are there any guides on where to start on eqing the bass as well?
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No further amps or cab sims needed. The BOD coupled with compressor and EQ plugins will get you a long way. Split the DI signal. A highly compressed and low-pass filtered clean signal and a distorted and high-pass filtered dirty signal.
Put a little reverb on the dirty signal, too, but not the clean. That'll give it depth without making the lows all rumbly and muddy.

If you happen to have the FL Signature bundle, you can try using Hardcore for bass distortion, but it's not worth buying separately if you don't have it already. BOD does just fine.
Fwiw, I have to disagree on the verb. In order to cut through a dense metal mix, it needs to sound pretty harsh/in-your-face and verb only takes away from that (even if run on a seperate channel), imo.