Hey guys so i had my amp connected to my computer and i was listen to music and i paused the video walked out of the room and a few minutes came back and turned the amp off and it made this huge popping noise (kinda like a kick drum). i turned it back on and every few seconds it seams to make a smaller popping noise like a drum. Any ideas?
you have tubes going bad is what it sounds like. Is it the Ultra? get some new powertubes.

JJ6l6GC are $35 a matched pair at MF

Or the Tubedepot has JJ for $35, Sino 6l6 for $28 or Sovtek for $30 these are all for matched pairs
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Yeah that is what i think it is i have 1 jj power tube that i bought ill try to find the bad one and order another new one. And 1 question what is the sign that my preamp tubes are going bad? i have a new tung sol and a new mullard but i still have the 2 old jj ones that were in there when i got it.
If it's your power tubes, you should buy them as a set and replace them all at once. Preamp tubes can be one at a time.
It can also be bad caps. The capacitors will go through a charge/discharge cycle which gives that periodic sound. Caps are very cheap - finding the bad one can require some smarts though.