I have a Behringer Strat copy body and I'd like to put one of those Dragonfire reverse style Jackson necks (22 fret / std nut) on it. Will it work? The neck pocket matches the heel width. The body is routed for a standard Strat tremolo.
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It's a rounded pocket. I plan on stripping it down to bare wood. Whats your thoughts on possibly squaring off the pocket?
I suspect you can mix and match any neck and guitar body for fun, but you need to be aware that the string length will matter for the intonation. To put it another way, the 12th fret needs to be *exactly* halfway between the nut and the bridge. The bridge might give you 1/4" or so of leeway in moving the launch point of the string. So either make sure you have room to set the neck out with a gap (yuk) or in closer by carving into the body, or be able to move the bridge to the correct spot. If you don't do this, it will be out of tune as you move up the neck.

If your Behringer has a tremolo with a cutout for springs, that would be pretty tough to move around.

The Behringer was probably not a very expensive guitar. If you want to do this as a project guitar and have some fun, then go for it. It can be fun. But if you're trying to end up with something that will create resale value, it probably won't (you'd be better off getting a new/used guitar with the neck that you like - just sayin...)

Lastly, you might find that the strings aren't exactly over the pole pieces of the pickups if the string spacing is significantly different in your neck. I doubt it would have a significant affect (the magnetic fields will be extend out around the pole pieces so a slight error won't be that big of a deal), but you may notice that visually it looks a little off.

You may need to create a shim when you add the new neck to get it right. Try to use the least amount of shim but try to keep it wide enough (so that you maximize the contact area from neck to shim to body). And expect to have to tweak the truss rod in the neck (you can always come back to UG forum if you need help with that, but for a new neck, that's extremely likely).
Yeah I was thinking along the same lines about the intonation.

I have a BC Rich Beast but wanted to mess around with a project guitar.
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Nice pix in that thread von Layzonfon! (I'm going to have to remember that one...)
Is there a link to timbo63's build? I searched his threads but couldn't find anything.
With some shaping to the neck pocket if that is even required after checking the scale, it should be no problem. I have a freind who put a Jackson PS-1 neck on a Squier Affinity Telecaster. Worked great for him, though that had a square neck pocket all ready.
Update: So I was cruising the Guitar Fetish website and bought one of their satin finished strat bodies out of the clearance section. It's routed for a floyd rose. I also ordered the Kramer copy reverse headstock 5150 neck from Dragonfire. So far it all seems to be lining up okay and the scale seems to be about right. Now I'm just waiting for my Floyd to show up from Musicians Friend to see what needs to be tweaked.