I made a post a little while back about whether or not to buy an RG3EXQM1 or a RG4EXFM1, and I chose the RG3, not based on Paint, but rather based on Floyd. I find that the Floyd gets very little use for me, primarially because I find it hard to transition from picking to diving without a terribad pause. So I figured I'd post up a picture of The Axe, and The case I just snagged. In addition I'd like opinions on Pickups, I think I may want actives, but only if I do not need to route out the body, so anyone that has one of these can I make due with the already there control cavity? If so, Pros and cons of Duncans or Emgs, or is there any other that would work better. Metal style guitar.

Ibanez RG3EXQM1: Price Paid ($175.00)
Coffin Case LE White: Price Paid ($30.00)

Title is just because of contrast of the Red and White looks sinister
^ I think toms are so much better than hardtails. I can't stand them tbh.

Either way. HNGD. Looks cool.
ayy lmao
Meh, TOM bridges are the work of the devil. Anyrape, HNGD! Very sexy, guitar.