I've got this LTD EC-1000 with the EMG 81/60 pups. I like the EMG's, but I happened to find a screaming good deal (30 bucks) on a blackout AHB-2 on craigslist. I've owned this guitar for 10 years now, right now its my only one, and I feel like it needs a change. Like..."the same, but better." Cheap blackout to try in the bridge? Perfect. Just wanna run a couple things by you experts here... Maybe this has been covered before but I couldn't find my exact answer on the board.

For those of you who have an AHB-2, did you try it with and without the jumper installed, is there a "useful" difference, and did you wire up an extra switch to turn it on and off? If you hooked up a switch, what did you do? I think with my guitar, the easiest way would be to install a push/pull pot for the bridge pup volume.

As long as I'm in there, I'm also tempted to put the 81 in the neck instead of the 60. Would that be stupid? I don't dislike the 60, but what if the 81 sounds awesome in there? Since they have those quick connects it'd be easy enough to switch back and forth I guess.

As far as my influences go/"the tone that inspires me": High on Fire, Amon Amarth, Weedeater, Orange Goblin, to name a few.

I usually tune to C standard, sometimes drop C, and sometimes drop B.
Kirk Hammett used an EMG 81 in the neck position for years. I've tried it too, and it doesn't sound awesome IMHO... but it does give more useful lead 'ish tones than the 60. You'll get a bit more bass and warmth, without it turning supper muddy like an 85. Try it and decide for yourself.
Got the Blackout AHB-2 installed. I like it! To me, it's warmer and more full sounding than the 81. Seems to respond to playing more like a passive, maybe "dynamic" is the right word, but still very hot and obviously active. It's like they crossbred an 81 and a nice organic sounding passive and then turned it up to 11. It's quieter than the 81, too. The 81 was quiet, yeah, but this doesn't pick up as much EM interference from computers and other electronics gear. I'll post a clip when I have time. I'm thinking I'm going to end up wiring a switch for the output level jumper because this thing is LOUD. For comparison, I thought the volume level of the 81 and 60 were pretty similar. The blackout is waaay louder than the 60. I'm thinking that having a switch on the output and being able to have it like an onboard boost will be useful. What I did find though is that with the p/u selector in the middle position and the volume on the blackout rolled back just a little sounds friggin' awesome. Nice and warm but still aggressive and with a lot of attack.