Here's my current pedalboard (feel free to rate/comment):

MXR Micro Chorus (fx loop)
Vox Satriani delay (fx loop)

Suhr Riot
BB Preamp
Vox Wah
Boss TU-3

T-Rex Chameleon Fuel Tank

Currently I'm using the Riot as my main distortion/rhythm for heavier stuff and the BB preamp for a lead boost (or the BB preamp without the riot for bluesier overdriven tones)

I have a few questions/issues:
1) I have 6 pedals and my power supply only can power 5. I can connect the tuner to another pedal to power it (which is what i've been doing so far), is this a good idea? If so, what pedal should I connect it to? If not, would running on one them on 9V be a better solution (or buying another AC since I plan to add more pedals..)
2) I'm thinking of an EQ pedal/boost to add to the lineup along with an MXR VH Phase 90. Any recommendations?
Daisy chain whatever's closest, the tuner's probably not going to mess with any of the other pedals since it won't be on when you're using them. If for some odd reason you get noise (sometimes dirt pedals get clock noise from digital pedals, you'll know if it happens) then switch it to another pedal. Eventually though if you're going to get more pedals you'll probably want a bigger power supply.
^ dunnow if a bigger power supply is even needed.
Unless you have some kinda pedal that's designed to work with a different voltage/polarity then the others, the tuner shouldn't introduce noise since the power supply's already conditioning the power going through and the tuner itself shouldn't create voltage peaks or something that may create hum.

That's anyway my point of view without ever trying to power pedals passing through a tuner.
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That's true, just getting a daisy chain (not just a single passthrough on the tuner) would probably be enough. You could put probably put the tuner, chorus, phase 90, maybe even the wah on one chain.
It just sounded like this pedalboard was going to keep getting bigger and bigger, and at some point you're going to outgrow 5x9V outlets. You can only chain so many together before noise starts to show up in those bigger boards.