Hey guys, I'm not sure if upgrading is the right word choice, but I'm looking for something new. I currently am playing a LTD EC-1000 through a bunch of pedals then to a micro terror and the orange 1x8" cabinet.

I play at my church mostly and usually have the cab facing myself and then it is mic'd, but i've recently had the urge to buy a new amp, specifically a Vox. I'm hoping that this will sound fuller? Don't get be wrong the Orange sounds great, but i feel that the 8" speaker is a little small.

Now my question is if i buy a Vox AC15VR is that an upgrade? they sell for $390 in Canada, or should i just spend a little more and buy the full tube AC15C1 for $649? Is the $259 difference worth it? Or are there other good choices?

thanks for any advice. I've been thinking about this for weeks, but can't pull the trigger. As far as trying the amps, nobody in town has one. Only the AC30 which is way too big to carry around.
Yes it is worth the price difference to get the AC15C1, the AC15VR is garbage in comparison.
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Basically any halfway decent amp with a proper 12" speaker will sound fuller.

The AC15 is definitely worth the upgrade over the VR. Another option if you want easier transport would be the AC30 head and a 1x12 cab, or if you can find one, one of the AC30CC 1x12s that were discontinued a few years ago. The Genz Benz black pearl is also a very good AC30 type amp that comes in a 1x12. But the AC15 is a great amp, if that's what you want then go for it.
You could go for the Night Train. It's 15W all tube, small and durable to easily transport. Has the AC twang and light distortion but also heavier gain on the thick channel, and is loud as f***. The companion cabinet for it is also 1x12.
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I say hold out on the more expensive amp although the nighttrain is pretty good I'm betting you don't want to buy two amps. I don't mean to threadjack but how is the micro terror at tv volume? I'm looking for something sane for practice.
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^^ truth, i got lucky and got the head and cab both half off at my local music store on clearance. forgot that when I posted. still not the most expensive amp, but it is a bit more costly having to buy the head and cab
My Gear:
Fender '72 Tele Thinline Deluxe Reissue
Vox Night Train 15W
thanks for the replies guys! Ok I'm going to go buy the Ac15C1 in the net couple days here.

The micro terror was an awesome little amp at low to mid volumes ( i never cranked it), you could get it to distort at really low volume levels. I should have kept it as a spare amp, but i couldn't justify having 2 electric amps, so i sold it yesterday.

EDIT: For anyone wondering I ended up buying a Traynor YGL1!
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