As I listen:

I love the lo-fi sound, and the tone on the guitar in the right reminds me a bit of Jimi in the very beginning. It's a cool riff this song is built around too, and I'm hearing some lead work I very much approve of. The vocals aren't really my style, but that's certainly not to say they're at all bad. I think this song would benefit greatly by having drums & bass added to it. It's a bit more difficult to fully appreciate this type of song without a full rhythm section, but you did say you haven't recorded the vocals properly yet so maybe you're already planning on doing that at a later date. As for the guitar sounds & playing throughout, though, they're stellar. I'd definitely like to hear the finished product of this!

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Meta Blues - This song is beautifully crafted. It is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix' style of blues. Honestly, I could not heap enough praise on the musical arrangement of this track, the guitar is soulful and the riff is completely badass. I do, however, have one criticism and that is the vocals. They don't suit the warm, bluesy tone of the song. I would suggest a more raw tone with less/no distortion and double tracking. But, honestly your music is amazing.

Red Bike - Another beautiful song. Not so sure about the drums on this one, they're too quiet for me to tell if they match your riffs. I would love to hear what sort of vocal tune you'd use on this song. Again, you've got a really nice warm tone here, and I really admire your musicianship. You've even managed to use synthesised violins without it sounding cheesy.

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