So, I recently switched from EMG's to Bareknuckle pickups in my Schecter Hellraiser C-7FR. I took it to guitar center(I know, it's all I have around me) to get everything wired up because I tried myself and couldn't get it to work. When I got it back everything seemed fine until I got home and it was quiet. There is a slight hum that goes on and whenever I touch one of the volume pots and the hum gets LOUDER. There is no ground from my floyd to any of the pots. I tried putting one in and it made things worse. If I plug my guitar up and cup the cable where it connects to the guitar, it's almost dead quiet. So I assumed it might be an input jack ground issue but I redid all of the connections so I have to assume it's something else. Also, I can touch certain things, like the wires on the switch, and the buzz just gets crazy loud. There are other parts of the pots that make it loud. So, does this sound like some ground issue? I really hope it's not something with my pickups, because that'd be a pain. So to sum it up, slight hum, and hum gets worse when I touch volume knobs. Any suggestions?

All the electronics, and the tremolo claw need to be grounded. Usually to the back of the volume pot. There should also be one terminal of the volume pot bent back and grounded to the back.

Start with that. If you can read a diagram go to www.guitarelectronics.com and select you pick up configuration. That will show you how the rest of it is wired.
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