I've just finished building my new bass rig and I wanted to share it on the forums and would love to hear what everyone else is using and maybe get some more ideas, starts with an ampeg svt 3 pro bass head, sansamp bass driver rbi ( running through the effects loop), korg dtr 1000 rackmount tuner, line 6 g90 wirless system, furman power conditioner and running into a ampeg 810 cab, I love to play punk style music, love a dirty, bassy, low mid tone. I would love to hear what everyone else is running, also I play a fender 50's series precision bass and a American standard precision bass.
should go in the other gear forum. this is more towards building like mods, custom builds, luthiers etc. also pics would be cool. Guitar Gear and Accesories vice GB&C
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